So August is almost over……and one of the most common questions I get is: Is this your slow season?

Yes and no. ” Yes” because everyone is on vacation and “no” because I never stop working on my business and reaching out to people and working on continually trying to improve myself.

I had a very interesting conversation at a conference I went to recently.  We were discussing learning and how people learn.  Someone brought up Math and I brought up Shakespeare.  I brought up the point of how plays like Hamlet and MacBeth are taught to teenagers in the context of blood and gore.  Yet as people get older and experience life, their other themes of family, loneliness, and revenge come out more.  I just wish sometimes adults would read them.  I’ve had people tell me high school English was enough.   I find this very sad because people are missing so much. 

Overall, the Math person and myself agreed on the same idea: that as we change and get older and gainlife experience, relevancy is better understood.

August is the time of year where I also try to catch up or go back and browse some old familiar texts.  Shakespeare has always been one of my favorites and as life has changed, his plays become more and more relevant to mine.  This summer I also discovered the same is true for other people.  There were packed houses for local performances of “Romeo and Juliet” and I saw one performance of Othello and realized how relevant Othello still is today.

Question: how is Shakespeare relevant for you?


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