Here’s to 2013!

Good evening everyone!  I just want to wish everyone a happy and healthy and peaceful 2013!

One word that describes how I feel right now is: grateful.  Grateful for all of the love and support I’ve gotten this past year from so many unexpected sources.  Grateful for being able to write this and for the ability to see the New Year in.  Grateful for the gifts I’ve been given and being able to open my eyes each morning and live each day.

I have something I want to share with you about this past year, but I can’t at this time.  As some of you know, this one has been a difficult one in many ways.  In addition to what happened in Newtown, I’ve had a lot of personal conflicts going on with people who live near me.  I have been writing, but just not publishing here as I would like to do.  Sometimes after bad things happen, some topics just don’t seem as pertinent anymore.

I actually read two books for enjoyment in the last two weeks.  I read “Bag of Bones” about a body snatching in New York City and I read “I Am Forbidden” about the life a woman in the Hasidic Jewish community.

I’ve been posting a lot of articles to Your Mind in Bloom’s Facebook page and feed and trying as best as I can to keep up with all the latest and greatest.  Some of my favorite articles come from the science and math feeds I receive.  One of the best pages I found is titled: Anatomy in Motion.  They have really cool graphics and write ups about how our bodies work underneath our skin.

The question has been going around: What do I want for 2013? Besides peace on earth and goodwill to all those that don’t wish me harm, I want, to paraphrase Virginia Woolf, a room of my own to run my business out of.  Right now it’s me, my cell phone, laptop, and my car.  All my business cards and pieces of paper with names and info are piled into a bag.  I want to earn the salary I want.  I want to be able to pay for everything I need to run the business and network with others effectively.  I want all of my free hours to be going towards my business.  I want to succeed and succeed by my own definition.  Your Mind in Bloom, LLC celebrated two years this past October 2012.  It’s still in that awkward toddler phase and ready to move into the preschool phase, so to speak.  It already passed the major statistical hurdles of the 75% who don’t survive the first six months and and 50% who don’t survive the first year.  I’ve started small and are ready to keep growing.  Yes, sometimes the challenges are bigger than originally realized, but I’ve made it this far and am not backing down or calling it quits.

So, as I write this in the final minutes of 2012, I am going to differentiate between my needs and my wants.

What I need:

1.  A space to call my own.  2.  A more regular salary.  3.  A more regular writing schedule. 4.  A better organized holiday card list and contact information.

Truth be told, I only earned about $5,000+ this year.  My goal salary is $25,000.  I spend most of my “working” life not getting paid for what I do.  Yes, it’s a choice I’ve made, but I’m worth every penny I make and then some.  Plus, my time and what I do is just as valuable as everyone else’s.

What I want/ wish for:

1.  The ability to pay for my taxes, fees, insurance, the local Chambers of Commerce, leads groups, networking, to make donations, pay the parking meters etc. without having to sweat it.  The State of Connecticut and the IRS want their money.  I am not fooling around with that.

2.  The ability to put money into my retirement because I may never see my Social Security money. (I haven’t put money into savings in a long time.  I’ve pulled more out.)

3.  To go back to school.  I want to finish my Master’s. It’s been over a decade.  I’ve lost credits. Yet I also need to take courses that fulfill my bucket list requirements, including a specific permit I need to get to continue.

4.  A calendar that can fit all my obligations onto one page.

5.  To stop being a library felon.  Hey, what’s a good writer or tutor if you don’t read?

6. To be able to help my family move away from my vile neighbors.

7.  To participate in and be able to pay for some of the really cool programs and conferences I read about and want to go to.

8.  To pay for dinner once in a while.

This is what I’ve come up with so far.  Many of you reading this know me.  Any suggestions?  Thoughts?  Something I am missing here? Please feel free to add your comments.

Again, a happy and healthy and 2013!  I’m looking forward to sharing my gratitude with everyone reading this in the year to come!




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