Daily Prompt: In A Crisis

I wrote something down recently: try something new and dangerous every twenty-four hours.

Tonight I scanned some old yearbook pages for the first time on a scanner/ copier I’ve had for a year.  Over the past several weeks I’ve figured out features on a cell phone I’ve had for a few years now.  I will upgrade someday but not right now with the abuse my cell phone takes on a daily basis.

Am I ready to bungee jump?  No.  Yet I’ve always felt the desire to try something new and “dangerous” in life.  However, when it comes to a crisis, it depends on the crisis.  When it involves someone else, I can handle it and handle what they need (usually).  No sweat (usually).

One thing I’ve learned is that when crisis strikes, take a deep breath and then when I can, walk away and get the emotion out in private.  Then go back to dealing with it.  When this can’t happen, well, I suck it in as best I can, even though I know this is not “healthy.”  I then try to get it out later.  Does it always work?  No.  Have there been times the emotions have come out?  Yes.  Have I learned?  Yes.  And I keep learning.  That’s all I can do.


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