Ready, Set, Go- 10,000 hours

Okay, here was something different I received today. Write for ten minutes and post. I haven’t done something like this in years. I’m listening to “Night on Bald Mountain” while I do this.

I read a post today about what awesome things you want to do. Make an awesome list. I find my self doing that from time-to-time, almost kind of a bucket list. Yet making one of those lists also brings to mind things I’ve done in the past I haven’t done in years, like I used to teach a dance class.

What would be on my awesome list? Listening to the music makes me think of the cello I bought last year for a client of mine who needed one. Did they need it after I got it? You can guess the answer on this one. So I downloaded some cello instructions and was playing a simple “Happy Birthday” on it when one of the strings broke. With everything going on, I haven’t had a chance to get it fixed. It’s sitting in a corner waiting to be played again. On my list is to play the cello. I’ve also always wanted to play the oboe. I’ve fingered out some basic piano keys, even though I haven’t practiced in a while.

Some of the best information I’ve ever read on learning is that it takes 1,000 to learn something proficiently and 10,000 to master something. Having started teaching myself some music, I now understand that better. I’ve also figured out some other areas in my life where this is true. 10 minutes is up. More on those later.


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