Help Along the Way

I’m taking this topic from Michelle Schaffer.  Thank you for the idea!

I actually started making a list of people who helped me in 2012.  As many of you know, 2012 was a difficult year in several regards and help often came from expected, unexpected and surprising places along the way.  Yet going back to review the list later, I realized it was incomplete.  If you’re one of those who helped me in any way, I send you my wholehearted thanks and appreciation!  Some people out there have helped me and they don’t even know, and may never know, who they are.  Things have calmed down a bit, but succor may still be needed at some point.

I’ve dealt with this topic both myself and with clients.  It looks easy on the surface yet at the same time brings out a part or parts of our lives we may not wish to openly reveal.  Sometimes there is that one person who is “the person” and sometimes there are several people who knowingly, or unknowingly, give you the help you need depending on the situation and circumstance.  One example I usually refer to is getting my LLC and having a business.  Support came from unexpected places and still does.  Sometimes it is that tiny piece of advice and sometimes it’s the person who reams you out about something stupid you said or did.  Sometimes it’s the person who just listens to you and takes you seriously.  They’re all forms of help in one way or the other.

I can say the same about other parts of my life.  Help, and those who help you, are the people who are in your life, land in your life, and change your life and how you view it in a more productive and positive way.  It is here that my list is always incomplete.

(C) 2013, Angela Capinera


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