Daily Prompt: Unexpected Caller

I received an unexpected call this morning from Sharon Connelly of Exchange Enterprises in Stratford, CT. We met through a mutual friend several years ago and I signed up with Exchange Enterprises and have met many wonderful people through them. Sharon called because I needed to update my information with them. I just sent it in a few minutes ago.

I’ve received many unexpected calls through the years. Many have been new or potential clients calling. Some have been referrals. Many of the people I’ve met, some still remain voices and I’ve never had the opportunity to actually meet them in person. Others have been phone calls I don’t want.

My most interesting phone call, outside of but related to my business, is the time someone found my business card in a car they had just purchased. It seems the car was involved in an accident and the person found out after they purchased the car. They wanted to know if I knew anything about the owner or accident. They described the owner in general terms and my response was I know many people who match that description. I also said many people over the years have taken my business card.

What will my next one be? I’ll let you know when it happens.


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