Why do I write? Why do I blog?

Thank you, WordPress, again for this one.  The question is: why do I blog?  I’m going to modify this a little bit and ask: why do I write?

I started writing back in grammar school.  I had several awesome teachers who encouraged us to write and keep journals.  I continued that tradition after that.  The first journal I have goes back to about fourth or fifth grade.

For me I find writing very helpful and free therapy.  It’s also a good way to look back and see how you have changed.  Besides, a journal and pen can’t judge you.  It is also a place to bring things out that you may have nowhere else to go to.

In some respects, blogging is the same way.  Yet with blogging, even under a nom de plume, there are still many things you can’t say or may not want to say.  In my worldview, blogging is like writing your thoughts on your fence: you don’t know who is going to come by and read it.  Some things you may want the world to know, some thing s not.

I know many people who haven’t had the pleasure of having a journal or find it too “childish.”  Yet if you read the histories behind some of the greatest works of literature, the literature and story behind it was birthed by someone keeping a journal.  I know blogging has become the modern equivalent of a diary and I’m sure much literature and ideas will be “birthed” from them.

Back to the original question: why do I write?  Because I love to and because I love the language and the act itself.

(c) 2013 Angela Capinera


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