If I could be someone else……

If I could be someone else for a day, who would I be and why?

I haven’t thought of this question in a million years. My answer also has changed as I’ve grown up and gone out into the world and realize that everything in life has their ups and downs, good and bad, etc. and isn’t always cracked up what it is supposed to be from the outside. I’ve job shadowed a few people over the years and at some point hope to work in their professions. However, the one person I can think of is another author whose books I haven’t read in a while: Ann Rule.


In my college and post-college years she and Steven King were the two authors I read the most. I loved reading their books because they both tap into the human persona and psyche like so few people can and really explore the situation at hand. I would be Steven King just to have the time and money to write.

Like the other job shadowings I’ve been on, I would love the opportunity just to sit down and talk with Ann about her experience and how she does the research for her books and then how she compiles the information in order to make it understandable to the “average” reader. I learned a lot from reading her books over the years and some of what I’ve learned has helped in various situations. I’d also want to know how she picks what cases to write about.

There are other people in my life, whether or not I’ve chosen them to be in my life, that I’m curious about what they do all day. Yet since I can’t just invite myself over to their places of employment, I’d love to go and meet someone whose work I’ve always admired.


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