The Secrets of the Universe….or not

The daily prompt question is: What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

Not like I am going to say anything here.  I have a lot of secrets about a lot of people and a lot of things.  I hold them near and dear and most of them will go with me. Most of them aren’t the “dear diary” type of secrets, either.  I would never dare put them into words.

Yet, in reality, we all have secrets.

I’ve learned that there are three types of secrets.  The first are the type where you have been victimized or been told about someone’s victimization.  The second is when you were caught doing something during not one of your proudest moments as a human being.  Finally, the third is a combination of the two.

I do have some secrets right now about things that happened to me that I want to share, but I need to find the appropriate time and forum to do that.  I’m reminded of the story of the king’s barber who knew the king had horns.  The king told the barber that if the barber spoke the secret out loud, he would be punished.  As much as he tried, the barber couldn’t restrain himself.  The barber traveled to the ends of the world, dug a hole, and spoke the secret into the hole, and the yet the words echoed back to the king.  It’s the echoing part that is always the scariest because you don’t know how people will react to what you have to say.  However, at some point you will no longer care.  The truth has to come out or in many cases, it will eat you, even if you dig a hole and speak it into a hole.

One last tale.  There once was a woman who had to go to the police to issue a neighbor incident complaint.  She was very upset and she had to speak to several police officers until  one finally wrote the report.  One of the officers who was yelling at her to calm down asked what the big deal was.  Once she spoke the truth, the secret she had been holding for so long, the officer stopped yelling and the rest of the story became easier to tell.  As much as it pained her to expose herself, to tell the truth, to share her secret, she knew there was no going back and yet at the same time the world looked like a much different place.



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