Three People Walk Into A Bar…..

This is the daily prompt for today.  It makes me think of the common joke about a rabbi, priest, and minister and it also makes me think of the song “Closing Time” where the lyrics are: you can’t go home, but you can’t stay here.

Three people walk into a bar and either make new friends or drink and leave, having missed their opportunity to meet someone.  Isn’t that why a lot of people go to bars?  Living where I live, though, a lot of the local bars have a rather dubious and notorious reputation.  

My best bar story happened about nineteen years ago.  I was lost, looking for a graduation party.  I knew I was in the right area but kept driving in circles.  It was a Sunday and only a few places were open, one of which was a bar.  I went in and I can still remember the bartender behind the bar wiping glasses and looking at me like I’d dropped from outer space.  He knew exactly where I was looking for and gave me directions.  I found the location five minutes later.

I’ll follow this up sometime next time I go to a bar and write about the first three people I see.


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