On the other side…..

I’ve been busy and haven’t really sat down to write the last few days and the prompts will be gotten to at some point.  Yesterday one part of what I do as an educator began again for its short time.  For the last ten years, this being year ten, I’ve volunteered with a local environmental group giving tours of one of the local environmental jewels to students from nearby schools.

Some things have changed since last year, hopefully in the long run, for the better.  When I found out, I was very thrilled.  I am also very thrilled to be back.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I pulled up yesterday, saw many of the same faces I’ve volunteered with over the years, and then began talking with the students.  Everything came back even though I hadn’t done any reviewing.

Each group gets twenty minutes.  Myself and the other volunteers all pitch in and share our unique areas of expertise.  I’ve fallen into the history part: how this gem came to be and what some of the main species are that live in it.  Most of the other volunteers are retired teachers, have worked in the environmental field in some way, or do this for the love of their  town.  I learn something new everyday.  By learning, I don’t necessarily mean the book learning side.  I get to learn what something looks like, smells like, feels like, I get to hear different sounds, and once in a blue moon, taste something.

Looking forward to tomorrow….


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