For an hour…

Last weekend I came home for a nap.  I needed one.  I was tired.  I curled up on my bed and slept like I haven’t done for a long time.  I’d spent the morning at a nature walk in local area I’d actually never been to before and then learned about bats and bat houses, and then met with a client.  I was woken up by the barking dogs next door after about forty-five minutes.  (The dogs, by the way, would continue to bark for about the next six hours.)  I had one of the local college radio stations on in the background.  I didn’t feel like moving, so I just listened.

I listen and talk a lot in all of my capacities, in all of my different types of work.  But for that hour, besides the dogs, just to sit in silence and listen to other people and let someone else do the talking, was somehow strangely refreshing.  The show was about an author going around the country trying to convince people about his point-of-view on climate change.  What came through to me was his level of frustration: something everyone faces daily.  Frustration with people not listening to you, people not wanting to believe what you have to say, the frustration of no, or negative feedback.  I got that all from just listening to this man talking.  It made me feel better on some levels.

All that from just sitting and listening for an hour.  It made me wonder, what else am I not hearing or learning along my way?


One thought on “For an hour…

  1. Angela, I really appreciate this. Thank you. I think we are more than bombarded with noise these days and it takes real effort to tune out and tune in! I was watching a young man walking his dog yesterday, and it was such a gorgeous evening, and he was walking and playing with his iPhone and headset and not noticing anything — not the dog or the ground beneath him or the sky. Or probably his own thoughts. And we are ALL doing that all the time. I admit I wish to be in a quieter and slower time. Listening is one good thing to try doing.


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