The Secrets of Droon

Right now I am slowly working my way through The Secrets of Droon with two students I work with.  We began after a recommendation from another party.  I love this series and do highly recommend it for higher level readers, those around high second to fifth grade reading levels.  I’ve found it on our local library’s third grade recommended list.

Right now we are on The Coiled Viper, the nineteenth book in the series.  Yes, the series holds elements of other book series written for younger readers.  However, in the spirit of The Magic Treehouse and Harry Potter, Tony Abbott has brought in a lot of elements from mythologies and folklore.  Today we were also reading about basketball and how Paul Hinkle invented the orange basketball.  My student pointed out that it is the same last name as one of the characters in the book.  I used this as a teaching opportunity that a lot of authors “borrow” names from people they know or know about.

I do hope Tony Abbott will follow in the tradition of Mary Pope Osbourne and share which stories he used as a basis for his series.  I recognize a lot but feel I am missing some points of reference along the way.


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