Cleaning Up, Cleaning Out

This time of year, when spring slowly rolls around to summer, and the birds are out, the urge to clean up and clean out is stronger than ever.  I find the best time for me is at night when I can go outside, flip the porch light on, sit under the stars, take a pile of papers and just go through them.  It’s quiet and the only noise is the occasional car coming by or the sounds of the city in the distance.

Cleaning up and cleaning out, no matter how small, can either very cathartic or make me   nuts as to things or events I’ve missed out on.  I love being able to fill up the recycling bag with all the junk mail envelopes and set aside a pile to shred later.  I also love finally getting the chance to read through articles I’ve been meaning to read for a while.  Sometimes I’ll also finally do that puzzle I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  

Then there are the times I find an old paper or something I wrote and completely forgot about and it’s amazing to see I actually thought of something and then forgot about it.  It’s like the proverb that something written, no matter how faint, is better than memory by itself. I tend to recompile my notes like these.  Other times my reaction is: why was this so important?

Cleaning up and cleaning out is a constant process.  It keeps the creative juices flowing.


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