Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing, or a bad thing? Neither?

I personally hate this question.  Normal is being you, who you are.  Yet at the same time, it is fitting into what society expects of every one of us.

Normal is relative to where you are.  Normal is relative to who you are and what gifts and talents and backgrounds you may have.

Having worked with many clients taking Intro to Psychology and going over Freud, Jung, etc., each time I go through the information while learning more about their backgrounds, the more I realize they did what they did because they needed some way of fitting in with their society.

My normal is not your normal and vice versa.

Another example, I live next door to a drug dealer.  He’s coming up on his one year anniversary of being caught red-handed.  His view of normal is having “visitors” and my view of normal is that it’s not normal what we see going on next door.

So, the million dollar question continues: what exactly is normal?


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