Iago by David Snodin

I’m going to try to write about the books I’ve actually finished reading.  I found this book at the library.  It was put out on the shelf where they have the contemporary adult fiction.  Here’s the NY Times article on it:


I don’t get a chance to read much of the New York Times these days.  It is among some quick book summaries.  

Having read Othello closely a long while ago, I still remember the main characters and among them Iago.

I love books like these that take a character and answer the question: why?  The book itself is very open and brutal and told mainly from a teenager’s point-of-view, yet in a very adult manner.  It is well written and engrossing.  Someone did write in the book that there were a few small factual errors (I love reading these notes people leave, who is the closet Renaissance scholar among us?)

It is a reminder that humanity has not changed much.  That’s all I’m saying.


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