Get Ready, Get Set, and Go!

I’m writing this in response to Michelle Schaffer’s Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I don’t know what I’m going to be blogging about this month.  I read her email earlier in the day and kind of let it sit in my mind and mull it over for a while.  What have been my challenges and where have I succeeded and failed?

Today I received a sales call.  I know when I get one I can’t usually afford to buy into whatever the person is selling.  The person literally slammed own the phone when I told them I didn’t have the $440 they wanted to promote my business.  I learn something from each of these calls.  Situations like these sales calls are my challenges.  Not having the money is NOT a failure on my part.  I’m not ready, then, to be profiled.  Most of my work comes from referrals and word-of-mouth.

When I started Your Mind in Bloom, LLC three years ago I came up with the tagline: Success is Your Mind in Bloom.  Today I realized I need to modify that.  It needs to be something along the lines of Your Success equals Your Mind in Bloom.  I have my LLC for my protection, but what I do isn’t about me: it’s about helping someone else.  Your success comes first and then is thereby my success.

Recently I started making a list of the clients I’ve had over the years.  Some I have lost contact with.  Some I keep somewhat in touch.  Yet looking at the list, I’ve been able to help 99% of them succeed and achieve what they needed.  One client needed to go to school: they passed the placement test so they could stay out of the remedial classes.  Another needed to pass a test to get a job: they passed by one point and got the job. Others I helped with their resumes so they could have a leg up getting a job.  I had two clients graduate with college degrees in 2011.  Even the couple of clients that fell by the wayside for various reasons, something positive for them came out of the time that we worked together.

When people ask what I do, I have my elevator speech: tutoring and writing services.  Yet I do a lot more.  A lot of what I do is figuring what is missing and what needs need to be addressed.  The hardest part is sending a client to take that test and then waiting to see what the result is or wondering whether or not they got a job.  Often times I don’t find out for a while or in some cases, I’ve never found out what the outcome was.  I just hope for the best.  When the test doesn’t come out well, we go back over and see what else was missed.

My philosophy in life is that failure is completely giving up.  There have been a few things in my own life I haven’t succeeded at, yet I know at some point I will go back and try again.  I refuse to give up, to fail.  Success is the not only the success, the finish line, but the ability to pick yourself back up, dust off, and keep going.


3 thoughts on “Get Ready, Get Set, and Go!

  1. The part that resonated the most about this post with me was the last line. “Success is the not only the success, the finish line, but the ability to pick yourself back up, dust off, and keep going.” I love that! I’ve reached a spot in my career where I’m not sure exactly what is next but this thought really hit home and I’m going to save it in my file of quotes that keep me motivated. thanks for the awesome reminder!!!


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