Advice.  I spend a lot of time giving a lot of people advice on a lot of different things and topics.  Some people want the advice and others sometimes take offense.  People are happy to share their advice with me when I do something they don’t like or did something wrong.

The piece of advice I’ve been giving out the most lately is to be yourself but be practical at the same time.  Most of my business comprises of education matters.  I have spent a lot of time with parents and their children and talked about the big question of: what do we do?  A college degree is still a major factor in people’s lives.  I always tell the story of when I went to college and was basically told with a Bachelor’s in English being a secretary was at the top of the list.  Looking back I wish I had majored in something like Biology which would be more of a help with what I am doing today.  Now, on top of having my business, I’m trying to start my life over, so to speak.  I didn’t go with where I wanted to go when I was younger, I didn’t listen to myself, people told me I couldn’t do it.  I’ve checked one thing off the list last year.  Yet sitting down and thinking and reevaluating it’s going to be harder this time around because the obligations are more and bigger.  I’ve also got a lot of catching up to do in areas I haven’t worked on in years.  Basically, one of the most frequent pieces of advice I’ve been handing out is try something out first before you do it. Talk to people, follow people around. If you don’t like sitting behind a desk, don’t major in something where that’s what you will be doing.  If you have a hobby or talent that people pay you good money for,go with that: it will make like much easier and enjoyable. Not sure?  Volunteer somewhere.  Try different things out.  In high school I volunteered in a couple of different medical settings and enjoyed it.  Did I stay with it?  No, and now some days I regret it.  So last year I took the first step back, so to speak.  

I’m always happy to talk and share.  Drop me a line or call me sometime.

Have a good one,

Angela Capinera


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