Anti-Boredom Month

Thank you, Michelle Schaeffer, for this awesome link:

I never knew July was Anti-Boredom month.  Maybe because everyone is out and about?  To my way of thinking this should be January when it’s cold, the lights of the holiday season are gone, and everyone is hunkering indoors.

I never find myself bored.  Sometimes I actually have to make time to stop.  Also, boredom is the worst way of thinking and being.  It pains me to hear people, especially adults, say: I’m bored.  Recently I watched as a whole family packed up and left a playground area because one of the adults found it boring and loudly proclaimed they did.  The children they were with were having a great time.

Boring is relative to the person defining the boredom.  Sports, for the most part,bore me.  I admit that.  Yet I like hockey because it’s constant movement and the games are always interesting.  Other people I know love any sport with a ball.  If I find myself at a game I’m not enjoying, I always have a book or notepad with me to relieve the boredom.  Or, I find someone to talk to.

Go out and live life positively and to the fullest and you won’t be bored.



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