And the favorite movies are…..

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? and Men in Black.

I like movies that speak in a different way.  I know MIB is over-hyped, but underneath all the hype, the series holds a mirror to society.  There have been situations in my own life that could be part of the MIB movies.  There’s a lot we don’t know and there’s a lot that goes on around us and right under our noses that we are not aware of.  I must have watched the original MIB about 30 times the year it came out and had the movie nearly memorized.  Watching it now still gives me a good laugh.

I enjoy Oh Brother for the music and story line.  I haven’t watched it beginning to end in about eight years.  It’s on my list for this summer.  There’s something in the movie that speaks to the human condition.  Occasionally I will pull out the soundtrack or turn on a video from it.

Any good suggestions for further movie watching?


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