This day in history…..

I just looked up my birthday today on Wikipedia, first time I’ve ever done this.  Last year the fifth moon of Pluto, Styx, was found and I didn’t even realize it.  The name is appropriately fitting for the location.

Even though not a statistician or numbers person, I like stuff like this.  It’s fascinating.  Who else was born the day you were?  What was going on you weren’t aware of?

Recently a family member, who eats and drinks numbers, statistics, and maps, met another person who was born the same day they were but in a different hospital not too far away.  My family member, when they meet new people, almost immediately asks when that person’s birthday is.  That’s how they find commonality.

Somewhere I have a copy of my birth announcement.  There were five or six other people listed in the announcement who were born on the same day at the same hospital.  I wonder what happened to them.  Are they still in the area?  Have we crossed paths and not realized it?

Life is weird like that sometimes.


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