The theme for today is shopping and recommendations.

The most shopping I do these days is food shopping and I pretty much stick with what I use.  Window shopping is a luxury for me right now.  The most perusing I do is through seed catalogs I get, but then I’m ordering when something dies or in September before I forget.  I can’t remember the last time I actually did some quiet clothes shopping.

Recommendations is a slippery slope.  I love when people recommend me.  I really appreciate it as being self-employed is an uphill battle.  I recommend people and businesses I’ve worked with.  The hard part is when the relationship doesn’t work between the people you “matched up.”  I also don’t recommend people, even if I know them, who have screwed me over and especially those who have not paid me.

The best story I have about this one comes from many years ago.  I worked at an after school program.  One of the head persons, in an attempt to tell me I sucked, told me that ten year-olds could only follow three rules and if they didn’t want to follow the three rules, so be it. We ended up going our separate ways and the program eventually fell apart and died.  Years later a complete stranger was asking for a recommendation on the place where my former coworker now worked.  I told her, without mentioning names, the truth of what had happened and why I wasn’t going to this particular place.

I’ve had plenty of professional relationships over the years that haven’t worked.  Yet I prefer to focus on the ones that have worked.  I also to prefer to recommend the ones that I know will help me at some point in the future.  It’s human nature, we all do it.



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