Always follow your gut…

Intuition.  Sixth sense.  ESP.  Whatever you want to call it.  Humans all have it.  We needed it to survive while we were hunters and gatherers and we still do.

Recently I ran into someone at a festival.  She said she had the feeling I was going to be there and she was right.  Truth be told, I had the feeling I was going to see her as well.

My funniest story with this was about ten years ago.  I was going to a high end dinner that my significant other had to attend for work.  I was complaining because we were in the middle of moving and I had packed away my best clothes.  I said something to the effect of, well, I’m not going to see so-and-so.  So-and-so, a big local mucky muck, who has since moved out of the area, walked right into me as we were standing in the reception area.  My significant other has never let that story go.  I should have listened to myself that they were going to be there.

I try to listen to my intuition everyday.  Some days it pops up as memories I haven’t thought of in a while or stories I’ve read a long time ago and something from that story happens in my life.  Like I was thinking about the sickness story in Angela’s Ashes, where Frank lost his First Communion money he so wanted, and two days later I had food poisoning and had to eat the money for an employment test.  To me, that’s intuition.


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