Local Wildlife

This topic is very appropriate for one of my passions and one thing that motivates me.

Part of what I do is local environmental volunteer work.  I do advocacy as well.  However, not on the scale of participation.  I’m happy writing letters and driving local politicians crazy but I’d rather work one-on-one or do small group tours.

For the last ten years I’ve been volunteering with a local environmental group that gives tours of a local area marsh/ beach/ wetlands to fourth graders.  That is how I know when spring has arrived because I get a phone call and this year an email telling me when the tours are going to start.  I love doing this.  I get to do the part that is called the “high marsh.”  Myself and other volunteers show the students, both children and adults, the fiddler crabs, “coffee bean” snails, mussels, amphropods, and any other creature that happens to wander by that day.  We talk about the importance of the marsh: that the whole municipality won’t be under water, the type of soil: peat, and everybody then gets to make an “earthquake.”  Everyday we give tours is a new adventure because we don’t know what the high tides brought in the night before.

It’s over now for the year because the tours only happen in May and June.  The rest of the year I have the pleasure of being called the “marsh lady” when going about my business around the municipality.  I don’t mind because it opens the door for a conversation.

Already looking forward to next year….


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