Motivation, Motivation….

Motivation is a tricky concept.  We are each motivated differently.  What motivates me might not motivate the person sitting next to me.

Running my business I need to be around other business owners for motivation sometimes. Other times just being with a client for a while is a good motivator.

I actually made a list recently of all the things I do.  It came to about 26 things I do on a regular basis.  I included running my business, family, volunteer work, and the daily humdrum stuff. There is not enough time in the day sometimes to learn or motivate myself to do something for each.  The motivation for doing laundry is very different from the motivation when volunteering.

Yes, there are the people, idea, and things I have passion for.  Yet my list of passion vs. what I do vs. motivation would all look very different.  Passion is a motivator but not the only one.

What is your passion?  Your motivation?


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