Bridge to Terebithia

I’m a few days behind on the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Yet right now I’m catching up.

I’m sitting here writing right now.  I took our cat to the vet this morning and actually had a few minutes to read.  I picked up Bridge to Terebithia a few weeks ago.  It was out at my local library’s summer reading section.  The library had it grouped for fifth grade reading. This is another one of the books I read many, many years ago and grasped it in an entirely different manner.

If you haven’t read it, I’m not giving any spoilers except it is a coming of age story. You will meet Jess, the narrator, his family, his schoolmates, and his neighbor, Leslie.

From my standpoint now what I like about the book is that Jess isn’t your perfect student. He’s an artist and follows his passion even though everyone mocks him for it.  Leslie is basically a tomboy, also mocked for following her own drummer.

If you haven’t read this book ever, or just in a long time, it is well worth going back to read it again.  Also, it is a must for the tweens and teens you may know.



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