From wither my help comes….Resources

I’ve started this project many times: categorize resources.  Then I find I have things all over the place.  Business cards.  Brochures.  Links on my computer.  Books.  Where do I begin? Then other times it depends on who I am talking to and what they need.  Many times I refer people to a local library for further resources.

When I sit down to make a list, I begin to realize just how many things and different backgrounds I work with.  Then I have my own personal hobbies and interests which sometimes cross over  to my work.  I also have the “on hold” list.

For example, I used to teach dance classes a while back.  A few days ago I cleaned out a bookshelf and found some books a retiring teacher gave me.  I hadn’t looked at many of them in years.  They brought back lots of memories.  

A friend of mine recently asked me where to find books for her daughter who is reading above grade level but doesn’t want to read particular areas.  It’s a common question I get.  I refer this one to the local library.  Some libraries sort books by grade/ reading level while some keep the standard library format but have lists available for people who need them.

People are also great resources.  A lot of people I meet are experts in their fields.  I learn a lot from them.

Where do you get your resources?  Who are your favorite resources?



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