MacBeth….now, as an adult

MacBeth.  I know most people have read this play or Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.  A local theater group is performing it through August.  I also saw it last summer by another theater group.

Just an aside, I love summer because of all the local free Shakespeare performances going on.

After seeing this last summer, things in my life were interesting in the fall for a while.  Watching this play again, it strikes home more than ever before.  Most people know it as the “cursed” play.  A lot of people like it for the gore and it’s ability to transcend time, and it does.  I missed a performance where a troupe set it in 1969 Vietnam.  To me, that is an awesome concept.  Yet watching it again over the weekend, I realize recently I could have set it in my own life.  There’s the central character who tries to rule by brute force and terror and then there are the people who see what is wrong and fight back.  In the end, somehow, justice will be served. There’s nothing superstitious about it: just pure and raw human emotion.  The irony of it was coming home from the play and finding out about the George Zimmerman verdict.  Maybe someday, depending on how Zimmerman’s life plays out, someone may do a performance based on the trial.  That will be interesting to see.


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