Where to go?

One of the more interesting questions I’ve come across recently: Where’s the place you’re half afraid to travel even though you know it would change your life for the better?

It depends on what part of my life you’re talking about.  In regards to my business, I would like to venture more into cyberspace and take the time (away from other matters) to find all of these cool websites I’ve been referred to.  In regards to my “education”, that would be studying a field that is completely opposite of the way my brain thinks right now.   In other areas, as well as just in general, it would be trying to start some relationships over, instead of just lingering in the shadows, so to speak.  There are and have been so many people I’ve worked with, am related to, or I’ve have second- or- third hand connections and interactions with, but from a distance.  That person knows who I am by sight and will say “hello”, but I’ve never actually had a conversation with. I find people’s stories interesting and just want to make some connection with them on a personal level.

One morning last fall I went to a business event I’ve been going to for the past two plus years.  Someone who has always been there actually said “hello” to me and I almost fainted from the shock.  I’d tried to go and introduce myself before but had been “moved” aside on several occasions.  Now the person says “hello” on a regular basis.  Maybe sometime when I least expect it, I will actually have a conversation with them.


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