Fly on the Wall: Where does my name come from?

If I could be anywhere in history at a particular time, where would it be?

There are many places I would want to be.  I’m a history buff when I have the time.  Yet one of my most vexing questions is: where did my last name come from?

Capinera is an unusual last name.  If you know someone with it, chances are we’re related. I’ve gotten a few questions over the years if I’m related to the Caponeras.  Nope, sorry.  I know I saw a cemetery once with a lot of Caponeras, but not one Capinera.  I know my family came from a town in Italy that begins with an “A.”  I asked a relative once, who has since died, and I forgot to write it down.  All I know is that it’s in central Italy somewhere.

It’s also unique because it wasn’t changed when my ancestors came to Connecticut.  I sometimes wonder how that happened since most people can barely pronounce it correctly or throw in some extra letters here and there.

Who came up with this name and why?

I know there is a movie La Capinera that makes my life look awesome some days.  La Capinera is supposed to be a sparrow, a songbird, with a black head: hence capi means “head” and nera “black”.  I know that there is supposed to be a hotel in Italy with the name and it is the name of at least one or two restaurants, one in Italy and one I believe in Hungary.

Was someone a long time ago a kind of Bird Man of Alcatrez?  That would explain the environmental side to me.  It’s mystery lost to history.  On my bucket list is to make it to Italy and find where my name came from and maybe find some other long lost family as well.  


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