Time to Bust a Myth: Real Life

What do you do all day?  I love when people ask me that question.  

Right now they would find me sitting typing at my laptop.  The reaction probably is: typical business owner.  Yet this is my lifeline.  Yesterday I was working on an editing project and will be back working on that later.

I know I’ve mentioned this before: recently I sat down and wrote down a list of 26 things I do on a regular basis.  I know there’s a conception out in the “real world” that most people who work for themselves, or self-employed, do so because they can’t, won’t, don’t want to, etc. Someone had to start all of the big corporations we have now, right?  Yes, there are people who work for themselves because and that is fine.  Most of the people I know who are self-employed work for themselves because even though it is much harder and you never stop being your business, they do so because they can’t find the work working for other companies or actually find they can get paid more in some cases.  I’ve found that is true for myself.  Even though I can’t get benefits, and have to “buy” them on my own, I actually make more being self-employed than working for others or the salary is commensurate. Then again, it depends on what you do and what your experience is.

Would I like a full-time job?  Yes, I would.  Right now I’m hoping one of my other 25 things I do, and maybe even this, will help me in that category.  Yet for right now my work is helping my clients and getting the word about myself out there.  


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