Daily Inspirations

I subscribe to the online site Careerealism and going through their daily list of articles.  They always have a daily inspiration part.  One of them links into the article about how to deal with being distracted in a small workplace.  How about not becoming distracted when working from home?  You can’t meditate with dogs barking or the mail showing up or the piles waiting for your attention.

My daily inspirations for working are usually looking right back at me, and I don’t mean the pets either.  

Working from home is a massive undertaking in many regards, and not only for the business owner.  Many people say they want to do it, but the reality is very eye-opening once it begins.  It may start out “small”, but soon things need to be shifted around or maybe what worked before doesn’t work now.  After a while the dining room table doesn’t work anymore because it’s the dining room table, not a work space for everyone.

What is everyone else’s experience?


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