T.V. Special

I have my T.V. in the basement.

When I say that to people, I usually get strange looks.  A few hours of T.V. here and there is enough for me.  My significant other and myself watch “Under the Dome”, “Big Love”, “Mad Men”, and “Downtown Abbey” and that’s about it.  As an EMT now, I’m finding on slow nights when I work I get to see some of the other shows I hear about but don’t watch or don’t care to watch.  Or I get to actually see the local news instead of just reading it on a news feed on Facebook.  I’d rather get my entertainment reading or by doing something else I find useful and get enjoyment from.

Last night was one of those slow nights.  The T.V. was tuned into one of the expose shows and it was amazing how nothing has changed.  Why people would want to spend their money on the items exposed is beyond me, or why someone would want to spend over a thousand dollars on animal items that seem to have no value. It makes all small business owners look bad and I only provide services right now.

I don’t understand how or why people spend their time watching these shows.  If I had over a thousand dollars to burn, it would be on a plane ticket for a long vacation or a trip across country. I love my four-legged friends, but not that much. I feel sorry for the dog who was getting their nails done and I’m sure every vet I know would love to go to work in a purple off-the-shoulder dress (insert sarcasm).

Give a good book any day.


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