Music in the Distance

Every year in July in the next municipality over there has been a several day music festival.  Depending on which way the wind shifts, the music can be heard in the distance.  The festival is held by the water so the sound floats, no pun intended, in the direction that the wind is shifting.  Yesterday I was on the shore opposite the festival for a nature walk and we could hear the music loud and clear.  It was a really cool experience to be standing on the opposite shore under a darkening sky, boats coming and going, and hearing the music pounding away in the distance.

The last couple of nights the music could be heard at night.  This follows on fireworks from a local ballpark being heard all over the area from the beginning of summer. Things like these are the small times and things that make life interesting.  I knew several people who were at the music festival and even though I didn’t make it, hearing that floating music still brings that connection.


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