Old Habits

Losing something is a great excuse to clean out.  I lost something, cleaned out some stuff and found what I was looking for.  I actually found a draft of a blog post I’d wanted to write a while back: which would I prefer: Jurassic Park or “Contact”?

I’ll publish this another time, but finding it reminded me of those times you dig out old papers either on purpose or by accident.  I still have some of my better college papers floating around here and there.  I found one a while back that I wrote for a politics class and it was actually relevant to something currently going on in my life at that point.  I had written about going to New York City and seeing an advertisement on the subway for “Cats” and how the picture the ad presented showed a little girl in awe of this cat.  My synopsis was: we all fall in love with power, or perceived power.

I’ve been writing here about breaking old ways of doing and this another habit I’ve long gotten myself out of but every once and a while find myself sliding back on when I should know better.  It’s one every sane person I know finds happening to them: we think that because someone has a certain degree, job, qualification, etc. that that person is better than us and walks on a pedestal, they are invincible and some way.  The only people I know who seem to be immune to this are the people who are narcissistic, who just don’t care, and are criminals in some regards.

I hate when people say: I can’t talk to so and so because they do so and so, blah, blah.

Yeah, right.

I’ve marched into offices, made phone calls, written letters, etc. if the situation has warranted it.  Then people ask: why did you do that?

Having worked for people in “power” I know no one is immune from criticism or having someone else check them out.  I’ve already had one former big wig boss be checked out by the FBI and the people who played dirty with him spend some time in jail, even if he didn’t.  Yet hopefully his reputation is ruined enough now to keep him moving into other arenas.  When I worked for him years ago, people would be in awe that I worked with this person.  They would look dumbfounded when I said I applied for one job and got the one I was working in through shear luck that one of my other coworkers was a neighbor.

The other one I love is: you know so-and-so or you talked to so-and-so?  And my reaction: so what? I don’t care.  If you had to deal with them, you wouldn’t be drooling right now.  It would be another dirty-old-man story to add to your collection.  

After rereading my paper, I recalled the subway advertisement: older male cat and young girl, hmmmm.  I know everyone has had stars in their eyes and I know some people perceive their position of power, or not, to try to wave that magic over you. Standing firm and being firm is the best way to make those stars, and the old habit, disappear.


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