Let Them Be

I know for someone who works in education I haven’t discussed it much.  Sometimes when I talk to people I feel like a total academic geek and I just want to talk about them.

Today I was sitting with a family member who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall.  They really haven’t shown any interest in writing or holding a pen/pencil until the last few days.  Other family members were getting upset.  I said just wait, they will do it.  And now they are.

Our brains are still for the most part a huge mystery.  Holding a writing instrument takes a lot of coordination and fine motor movement that the brain needs to be ready to do. Not everyone is ready at the same time.  Males tend to struggle more in this area than females.  People also tend to forget that writing is one of the last skills, so to speak, that came out of human society.  Children also need to see adults or older siblings writing.  This is a good inspiration to pick up a pen or crayon.

Today I watched as my family member wrote huge “A”s for the first time and is still trying to figure out the difference between the small b and d.  I know at some point the way to do each letter correctly will click. Yet for right now they have the “stick” and “ball” and I can see on their face they are still trying to figure it out.  They were also doing some of the numbers with “bellies” like 6.

Just let them be and at some point, when least expected and a lot of doing and showing on your part, it will happen.


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