Back to the Future

So I’ve taken a rather long break from writing here. I’ve needed it and in many ways I miss it.

Late August and September is when reality hits, reality strikes, and the schedules for the next few months are upon us. I sat down and made of list of twele different calenders, so to speak, that need to be coordinated, at least until November. Just when I think one is down pat, an email comes in with changes. My email inbox is getting full of message titles I skim through. I just read the ones I desperately need to know and can go through the rest later. I write everything down, and then realize there’s that one more thing I forgot about.


Yet in many ways I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stressful, yes, trying to juggle clients’ schedules and your own. A check for this, a check for that. Quarterly taxes soon. Classes that need to be taken. And on we go…

September, bring it on.


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