Quoting…..About Your Business

I just found this quote and want to share it….

“Don’t just let your business or your job make something for you; let it make something of you.” — Jim Rohn

Today I had a really long and interesting conversation today with someone who is in a very similiar situation to mine. This person makes me look boring. We talked about getting out there and hustling, having a business, what works and what doesn’t. We talked about networking, advertising, finding your target market and your niche. We talked about surviving on strapped budgets, dumpster diving, and anything else that will help stretch the budget. A lot of what this person does on a regular basis I either don’t do, or haven’t done in a long time. It was a good wakeup call and reminder of things I’ve let go over the past years.

I went through a small business bootcamp to start mine officially and get my LLC. One piece of advice I pass on to others in business or not: You are your business. Just like now with having my EMT: you are the EMT. People see you first how they identify in what category. Depending on the situation, I’m the business owner who will help you succeed or I’m the person running in to help you. Or I’m both, or many other things to people.

My business has made something of me, a lot more of me and I’m better for it. Stressful sometimes, yes. I just love it. I love the networking; it never feels like selling because this is what I love doing and am awesome at it. I’ve met awesome people, made some lasting friendships, and had some awesome experiences and am looking forward to much more in the future.

I’m glad I am my business.


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