Pink Pants

This morning I woke up to a gorgeous site right outside my bedroom window.  One of the large spiders, wood or barn (depending on whom I talk to), had woven a web right outside the bedroom window.  There was that moment of pure beauty with the sun hitting the web and reflecting in the web, the spider hanging on, and the web blowing in the wind.  It was just an awesome moment.

Today I’m wearing one of my favorite pairs of pink pants and now have a stain on them.  I will figure out what I’m going to do about this later.

Last night I did a shift with EMS and lost my stethoscope that I’ve had for over a year.  I doubt I will find it.  I hope it goes to a good home if someone else did.  Yet I hope in some weird way I will find it. I like it. I dread going looking for another one right now. Finding this now lost one was a tooth-puller.

These are the small moments in life that serve as a reminder about what is important and beautiful in the world and what is not.  Do I really care about my pants or the scope?  No, they are just minor inconveniences.  Do I really care about the spider?  Yes, it is a living, breathing creature of the Universe that serves an important function that benefits everyone and other living creatures.  I hope the web hangs on for a while.  I can’t wait to watch it some more.



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