Catching Up with FlyLady

Several people I know love the FlyLady.  Here’s her website:  I signed up to her Facebook page and have been reading her posts.  It’s been a help, even with a crazy week.  I’ve been meaning to sit and blog, take my 15 minutes or so, and just do it.  Sometimes physical and mental exhaustion wins.

It’s been a bumpy last few days in both good and bad ways.  A client and myself parted ways.  I realized it is time to have a no texting policy after getting them at 7:25 in the morning when trying to head out the door.  I started my experience as an assistant soccer coach and came home and collapsed.  I need to learn how to run again.  I learned a lot about insects and the information will be a huge help in other areas of my life.  I learned a lot about local history and this will help as well.  I caught up with a few people I haven’t seen in a while.  All is well in the world.




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