Mixed Reviews

People who knew me while I was growing up knew my penchant for writing editorials.  I haven’t written one in a good long while and the last time I did the newspaper spelled my name wrong.  However, it still proudly hangs on my refrigerator and I look at it once in a while during a quiet moment.

I’m not going to lose anyone here by going into the art of writing editorials.  I have helped a few people over the years with them and writing response letters.  An editorial is one of those things you must write carefully and write with your heart at the same time.  It drives me crazy to see people ramble on and on when writing them.  Sometimes they are so bad it is amusing to read them.

I’m writing this because I feel one coming on.  There have been a few I’ve felt coming on but have held off on for personal reasons.  I will probably let some time pass before I blog them here.

Do you have any favorite editorials?


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