Cleaning Out

Is there “junk” in your life? What kind? How do you get rid of it?

That’s the question I received today in my email box, I actually read it because I’m trying to keep my email box cleaned out. Some days I do a better job, or no job, depending on the day and how crazy everything is.  I don’t have a smartphone because I do a lot of traveling around and I am afraid of breaking it so some days I don’t get to my email until later in the day.

“Junk” is a loaded word.  I’ve been trying to take the philosophy recently of cleaning something out everyday, even if it is a piece of paper.  It just feels good to do that.  Yet over the years I’ve learned there is also karmic junk and gunk.  And don’t forget, one person’s junk may be another’s treasure.

How I get rid of something depends on what it is.  Recently I’ve been ripping old tee shirts into rags.  For a long time I needed raggy shirts because of certain work I was doing.  I don’t need them anymore: now they serve as my cleaning rags and save me a lot of money on cleaning supplies.  Too dirty or someone throws up?  No skin off of my nose.

Books I always donate.  However, those take me longer to go through.  Paper I always try to use as much as possible, use both sides if it’s printer quality, and then recycle.  Right now instead of buying planners, I’ve been going through old notebooks and use those for day-to-day planners.  Being in the education profession, I’ve ended up with a lot of stickers and crayons. Stickers I put on my notebooks and crayons can be melted in cookie sheets and when cooled, reused for the funky colors.  I know some people would consider this “junk,” but it can be reused.

Karmic junk I’m still working on, little by little, bit by bit.


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