……and through the woods

Today I worked on my sewing skills.  I wish I knew how to sew better.  Sewing is one skill I have pretty much self-taught.  I did recently find a sewing guild of sorts that meets once a month.  I went there this morning before meeting with my clients.

Tonight I actually fixed a pair of jeans that ripped this past spring and I had just thrown in the corner until I could get to them. Tonight was the night.

I have several invites to major life event celebrations coming up.  I can’t decide to what to give.  I’ve always been a cash or donation giver for celebrations.  I can never understand why people ask for relish bowls when they don’t use them.  I’m grateful for all the presents I’ve received over the years, but I hate that awkward moment when someone asks if I’m using their gift.  Right now I’m thinking of this when I am thinking of what to give: should I make something or just give the money? Sometimes money doesn’t seem adequate enough.  I know how to knit and crochet and be creative yet then deadlines approach really quickly with the project half done.

I guess I need to sleep on this a while….


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