Reviewing Success

My significant other has a copy of Zig Ziglar’s Success for Dummies that I occasionally take out and browse through. Yet last night I took it out and along with browsing, actually began to read right through.  Mr. Ziglar’s main main philosophy or “Golden Rule” is that you can get what you want by helping other people get what they want.

Let me ask this, my fellow readers, what exactly is it that you want and how can I help you get it?

This month is my business’s third “birthday.”  This is also my seventeenth year in the educational world, so to speak.  I use my resources that I have to help people with what ails them academically; as I said to one parent recently, I help my clients to get over “that hump,” whatever “that hump” may be.  I also use my writing skills to help people make themselves look good and be able to express themselves in a more clear and concise manner.  

Running a business is a constant reevaluation not only of yourself but of the business and who and what your networks are. Every evaluation I look at asks is: who is your ideal client?  My answer has always been the person paying me and who is going to pay me (hopefully on a somewhat steady basis) for my services.  Over the past few weeks I realized I need to reevaluate.  I’ve begun to make lists both on paper and mentally.  The majority of my business comes from referrals, mainly from people I have worked with before.  I have that down.  As much as I’ve put into business cards, a necessity, and networking events and groups, most of which have turned into a financial pit, the Return on Investment or ROI has been small, very small.  I know how much I need to pay for my fees, etc.  Does anyone else out there have the same experience?  Any thoughts or suggestions?

Even the teacher needs help sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Reviewing Success

  1. Hi Angela,
    Stopping by from UBC. When I first read this I wasn’t really clear afterwards. It wasn’t until I went to another page that it became clear what you do Your business is a great business. From what I understand it’s the tutoring business. So I think it would be helpful to lead with that and maybe give us examples of how what you do has helped others. When I read this post, the question was going through my mind what does she do, I don’t know if she can help me so why should I tell her what I want. It wouldn’t be a good use of my time. I totally understand where you’re coming from because I struggled with that also. Not to say that I have it so perfect but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s easier and people relate better when I just narrow it down and say “I use dance, music and movement to help children learn quicker and easier build confidence and esteem while having fun.” Before I was going into brain integration and a whole bunch of other stuff that just lost people. I hope this was helpful. Happy Blogging 🙂


  2. My business (writing ebooks) took a turn for the worst this year. This quarter is the start of my third year of the latest reboot (I have been writing off and on as a freelancer for twenty-nine years). And this quarter that just finished is either my slowest or second slowest (still waiting to see all the royalties figures for the quarter–and I do not count my very first quarter of this reboot…because I had nothing in distribution during it). Yes, I realize had nothing to do with your question, outside of the fact that I am also examining my business trying to figure out what I can do differently.


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