The sound of……

My reaction to no rain in our area for the last several weeks finally hit on Wednesday and Thursday.  Everybody is complaining. A long hot dip in the shower helped for a bit.  It also helped bring up some things to think about.

One of them was when and how we receive our creative inspiration.  During my college years he best class I ever took (no offense to all of my wonderful professors and teachers out there) was about creativity and understanding the creative process.  It’s been one of the few classes I’ve been able to transfer into real life on a regular basis.

In the class we discussed how the creative process works and that it can’t be forced or people start floundering.  We also discussed the Aha! moment and how it usually hits when people least expect it, like in the shower or some quiet time when the brain is turned off from the subject at hand.  Many people also figure things out in their dreams.  This is why I often tell people I will sleep on something.  I just need a good night’s sleep and some time to figure things out.

One other valuable lesson I learned is that creativity is not only about people who create but can be used across all professions. It’s just a matter of knowing how to use it.



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