Woke Up This Morning

Yes, I woke up this morning.  You woke up this morning.  Everyone reading this woke up this morning.  A new day began.  My cell phone’s alarm went off since my clock radio broke and decides to go off whenever it wants, so I have to keep the clock radio off.  I only use it now to listen to the few radio stations I can pick up on it.  I got dressed and went through my morning routine.  Saw some of the people I usually see on Saturday morning, came home and did some much needed landscaping, and then went to a family event.  No clients today so I managed a nice long walk.

My point?  Some days I have well planned out and others I don’t.  Either way, I am grateful I have had this day and all of the people who shared it with me, even for a few minutes.  Thank you.


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