Small Business Owner (Who I Am)

Today I just discovered that someone else I know is now a small business owner.  Small business owners are cropping up everywhere I am turning around.

I’m not going into statistics, but here is a question for you: How many people do you know that are small business owners?

I began and incorporated my business three years ago this month.  I receive my letters from the State of Connecticut and Town of Stratford, CT (where I live and the business is registered) as my birthday presents.  

The last three years have seen their highs and lows.  Currently I am trying to rework my branding as I am finding the more I go out into cyberspace and networking, sometimes people don’t understand what I do.  Many people think I am a flower shop or psychologist.  The best response I once got was the person thought I was a neurologist.  Not quite.

Working with people and the public in general is a passion of mine.  My significant other helped me to come up with the name of the business after an all evening brainstorming session.  What I do isn’t about me, it’s about you.  I have my talents and abilities and I want to share them with you to help you pass, finish, complete whatever it is that you might need.  I’ve mostly helped with algebra, biology, test taking, ESL, and resume writing with many other subjects thrown in over the years. The most different type work I’ve done to date is help someone write an article for a very genre specific online magazine.  My happiest moments working with people are seeing someone graduate and get the employment that they desired.  The most worrisome are sending someone in for a test and the outcome isn’t good.  The phone calls informing me that the test scores didn’t come back as wanted or needed have always been very difficult moments.

Small business is a challenge.  There’s a bad misnomer about people who run small businesses that many of us run them because we are lazy and can’t work with other people.  That could be the farthest from the truth.  As a small business owner you have to be able to sell your business, mainly you if you’re a sole proprietor, while standing on one foot.  Also, many people forget you are your business, as I have heard and read so many times.  People will see me and go: The Mind in Bloom Lady.  Yes, that’s me.  I know my business inside out because my business is me.

I’ve asked the question: what can I do for you?  Yet what I’m working on reworking that question into: what is it I can give you? What is in it for you to come and experience how I can help you?  Input welcome.


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