Chuck the……

Chuck the diet.  Chuck the clothes.  Chuck the excuses.  Chuck what you don’t need anymore.  The cleaning phase is continuing.

Tonight for Halloween we ran out of candy fairly early so I started giving out stickers and unused pencils I keep for “emergencies” such as this one tonight.  I’m glad I did.  I remember growing up a neighbor would give out dimes.  I appreciated those much more than the candy.

I purposely asked that we not get a lot of Halloween candy because Murphy’s Law always works this way: buy a lot, no one shows up, buy a little, the crowds are coming!  Yet I can always find something to give out.  I’m not the type to give out stickers as rewards because I don’t believe this works for everyone.  I use them to decorate stuff so I know it’s mine in the event I lose something in my travels.  

I also found out a local church is collecting tee shirts for military personnel.  I plan on going through and giving some away. Somehow I’ve ended up with several white tee shirts that I don’t know what I am going to do with in the long run, so this collection is the perfect place for them.

Lately I’ve also been going through my yarn stash and making small blankets that are going to the local animal shelter.

Giving away stuff has been getting much easier lately and the trash and recycling bags are filling up faster.  Yet I also like knowing that whatever I am giving away is finding a good home to go to and hopefully helping someone or another creature in the process.

How about you?


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