Clothes Make the Man…or the Woman

One of my favorite pieces of clothing I have is my significant other’s former yellow winter coat.  He didn’t want it anymore and the zipper was broken.  My friend who does this type of repair work fixed it for me and I’ve now had the coat the last couple of winters.  

I love this coat.  It’s warm, the color is bright so I know it’s mine, and it has plenty of pockets both inside and out that are very deep so I don’t have to haul a purse around all winter.  By the time this past winter ended, it was dirty as heck, but I gave it a good cleaning and it’s ready to be take out again.  I can’t wait.

The only downside to the coat is people can see me coming a mile away and I know it looks and seems strange.  I even had a nice chat with a police officer who was giving me weird looks.  After being in public service you realize that a pedestrian woman wearing a man’s coat with no purse is high cause for suspicion.  Being in uniform is another story as the uniform clothes are gender neutral.

I’m not a clothing style type of person.  I have my style and that’s it.  I like my jeans and casual clothes and will get dressed up as needed or as I see as being needed.  Usually when people see me dressed up they are shocked.  Yes, I do own dresses and pantyhose and high heel shoes.  The reaction is even more interesting when people see me in my EMT uniform.  The best was when I had one neighborhood child ask me if I was a police officer.  Um, no.  After spending years in parochial school with uniforms, I’m back in uniform and actually like being in uniform this time around.

Yes, I do believe clothes make the person and clothes, or lack thereof, send a message.  Yet clothes can also misconstrue.  I see people wearing designer clothes who don’t have two pennies to rub together.  They find their clothes on sale or in thrift stores: the same way I get mine.  It’s the way to go.  I very rarely buy brand new clothes: usually only on deep discount or it’s something I just need, period.  Styles come and go.  If you judge me by what I’m wearing, please stay out of my life.  I don’t need or want or have time for that.  Clothes are my outside, not my whole being.

After the nice chat with the police officer about where I was going (applying for work), I wondered if he would have said anything to me had I been wearing something else.  Sorry, but I refuse to give up my yellow coat.


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