Election Day

I don’t like to get political.  I have friends and associates on all sides of the aisle and all across the spectrum.  One of my standing lines is that I want to stay out of politics, whether it be governmental politics or work politics.  One compliment I always get from people is that I’m friendly to everyone.  I talk to everyone, even just to say “hello.”

In my undergraduate days one of the required classes was a type of “understanding government” class.  Next to the class on creativity I took, this was one of the classes I took the most from.  The book we read began with the line from Aristotle that as humans we are all political animals.  That line has made more and more sense over the years.  We need other humans to survive whether or not we know who they are.  Someone designed this website template so I can a website and someone assembled this laptop I am writing on and so on.  Yet I also have honed and continue to hone my ability to convince people to use my services that I provide.  I also can’t make everything I use by myself and I need commerce to pay someone else for their services.  And the cycle continues.  We are all politicians in all parts of our lives whether we want to think about ourselves that way or not.

I worked for politicians for a while in one of my “other lives.”  I saw the goings on and I was caught up in them whether or not I wanted to be.  “Silly season” will be over tomorrow, on Election Day.  I don’t miss it.  Politicians are just as human as the next person.

The only piece of verbal political advice I dispense is: If you don’t vote, don’t complain.  Now please go out and vote.

Happy Election Day!


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